How to play

Tusk Battle is a turn based arcade game inspired by first game installed in a personal computer since 1952, tic tac toe. Game consists in a match between two players, the scope of each one is to collect three contiguous equal cards (between 4 seeds: skeletons, sharks, chickens, and rabbits), in a 4x4 grid.


In order to win, Cards can be collected horizontally, vertically or in oblique.




Each player has 30 seconds to perform his move.
To play, each player must have coins. Stakes for each match is 100 coins.
Match can end in following ways:
Player wins, and earns 100 coins;
Player loose, and loses 100 coins;
Draw match, no coins are managed;
Player abandons the match, and loses 100 coins;

Special cards

During gameplay, each player can get some special cards that produce special effects explained below:


Bomb. Destroys cell content where it is placed, and for next 2 turns nobody can place cards there.


Thunder. Destroys 3 random cell contents where thunders fall.


Mistery box. Transforms randomly card where it is placed in a player’s card between one of 4 seeds (skeleton, shark, chicken, or rabbit)

Hole. Destroys cell content where it is placed, and nobody will never place cards there.

How Multiplayer Works

Multiplayer works using Google Play Center for android app version, and Game Center for IOS version. In addition, user can login with Facebook to invite friends to play.
fb play

How coins system works

As first app installation, each player gets 500 free coins. Coins can be earnt simply by winning matches, or can be bought through in-App purchase systems. Here are prices:

100 coins
Price: € 0,99
Coins obtained: 100

300 coins
Price: € 1,99
Coins obtained: 300

500 coins
Price: € 3,99
Coins obtained: 500

1000 coins
Price: € 7,99
Coins obtained: 1000